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Killgrace and the Inverted Planet

Inverted Planet is now available on Amazon. The ebook includes the short story “Weighty Issue” as bonus content. Inverted Planet was not one of the original stories, but it was an idea that would not let go, and when the perfect cover image turned up, I could not resist:

In a world where the rules of reality are reversed, their past is going to shape the future. A old enemy, a new phenomena, and a chance to shape reality could be enough to split the team.

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Cover Image: Cover by Ragged Angel Ltd, using stock images from Dreamstime
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Upcoming Releases

This series is a mix of new stories and a set of novellas written around 2000 that were recently restored. As a result, tying these together has been difficult, for example, science marches on requiring updating the issue in Faithless. While these were originally meant to be pure pulp and a concept experiment on forces v. dimensions, the hard sci-fi appears to be attracting its own audience.

As a result I am going to be focusing on rewriting the original arc stories: Rubicon, Good Neighbours, Living Legend, Cull Assassin, Ethics. and getting those out to create a framework for more of the shorter science fiction novellas.

Also, you heard it here first: Singular did so well in its October run that there is every chance the Killgrace series will hit paperback.

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