Series hiatus in 2014 now ending

This is in the nature of a more personal post than I usually write, so I will cut to the chase.

The Killgrace series has been on unexpected hiatus since January. During these passed months I’ve been in and out of hospital in a sequence of events odd enough to be one of my own stories. Now I have hopefully finally reached the end of it and can get back to writing.

I’d like to apologise to everyone who was following the stories for the delay. I am picking these back up, and the new look to the site and new short snippets are the first step towards this. Hopefully getting the twenty-odd half complete stories written and in ebook format will occur at some time this year. The other thing I am now pressing for is getting the ebooks out of Amazon Select and into Kobo, Omnibooks and possibly Smashwords.

I honestly hadn’t realised how popular the series was until I picked my email back up a few weeks ago, so thank you all for your support and I will be trying my best to get more stories out for you soon.

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