Killgrace and the Removal Man

Quickly she replaced the bronze pole in its case, watching to make sure it resumed its steady constant rotation. Then, hearing Cet moving outside, she pulled the signet ring off, placing it in the shielded box, and reached under the wall controls to secure it in the hidden compartment she had built. There were some things she did not wish to explain to her partner. As she closed the compartment over it, the Capsule door opened.

“There is an anomaly in my internal chronometer,” her colleague said, still in human guise. No greeting, no confusion. He, at least, was back to normal. Susan smiled and sat down on the bench.

“A human with a temporal device started re-writing the world to suit himself. I have taken care of it.”

“Where is he?” There was a harsh deadliness to the tone that reminded her why she handled matters like this, instead of leaving them to Cet.

“One version is enjoying a day in the park with his family. We may want to hire him. The other, from the false timelines, is watching.” She smiled coldly. “And he will continue to watch from outside time until the last of the timelines that he created can no longer sustain his existence. It will take a year or so chronologically.” There was a pause.

“How did you defeat him?” Cet asked eventually. It seemed there were some questions even he did not want to ask.

“I was fortunate. When he attempted to erase me I reflected the beam, erasing his machine,” she said. She did not mention doing it five times, or freezing time for the world. The alien gave her a suspicious glare but she said nothing more. After all, she thought, a woman should have some secrets.

The End

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