Killgrace and the Weighty Issue

Two mud covered limbs reached out, securing the Capsule by the edges, and lifted the Machine up, rotating it to match the creatures angle and turning it to face the doorway downwards. Then it lowered the Capsule into the trench. As the grey, gunmetal, back of the Capsule lowered until it was nearly level with the mud, Susan watched nervously. If this did not work, and the Capsule sank, she was stuck here.

After a moment, the flat surface began to rise. It was not level, rising on a diagonal as if the end was on hinges. There was a sucking, choking noise as the suction of the mud was broken. Finally it settled on its base, doorway still open. Through the doorway, three of the alien’s manipulators extended, wrapping spiderlike round the outside of the Capsule. With the Capsule anchored to the creature inside, the alien was using itself – and its functioning anti-gravity drive – as a pivot.

“Suggest return to base,” it said, distaste in every word.

“You don’t want to wait an hour to finalise the co-ordinates?” Susan checked “Actually it’s now seventeen minutes.”

“That would be…efficient.”

Susan stepped inside the Capsule and looked round in dismay. Every surface was covered in brown, caked on mud. The alien’s sensor lights glowed through a crust of the stuff, and as she looked down she realised she was in no better condition. She sat down on the bench. It squelched.

“And when we get back, it’s your turn to clean the Capsule.”

# End #

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