Killgrace In Depression

Monday 4th November 1929

It was Monday 4th November 1929, the start of a new week and a new era. The market was open again, for a half day, but the joy had gone. The Williams factory stood still and silent, an ominous harbinger of the next few years. The streets were quiet, the people downcast and the fear was tangible in the air. Susan, who knew this was just the start, could find nothing to say to reassure them. She reminded herself that this had already happened, that she had known it would happen, but the words were hollow. All she could do now was hope she had planned well enough to make sure her people and her company were protected.


It was the start of the Great Depression.

~ End Entry ~

(Closing Index: 257.68)


That is the last entry for In Depression. If you want to read the complete ebook, it is available from Amazon worldwide. However, I do suggest readers wait a day for an announcement.

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