2014 plans and Singular in paperback

It may not be quite in time for christmas, but I have my author copy of Singular Situation in my hands, and it looks very good. US distribution has been arranged, but UK distribution is currently lagging, so this may be the only copy in Britain for a while.

In other news next year’s release schedule contains the following:

Killgrace and the Living Legend – anounced for a while, and details are available on the coming soon page.

Killgrace and the Wandering Star – a planet under dire threat points everything it has to the skies to ask for help. Susan and Cet arrive at this decidedly stressful time – only to find they have a problem they have not encountered before.

Killgrace and the Perfect Science (working title) – A series of unusual events on another planet leaves Susan trying to investigate. But when the rules of physics and even chemistry are different, distringuishing the criminal from the paranormal is difficult.

Also look out for their (chronologically) second encounter with the Yvak, Killgrace In Desperation (1932 is a bad year), a clash between cultures on a distant planet, and a run in with an industry that even Cet takes exception to.

Two shorts will be coming soon – Susan throwing her hands up at the universe and quitting, and a very geeky one because I was playing with spacial co-ordinates and had an idea…

To answer requests about a spin-off from the Renshaw and its crew, that is half-written, and will stand alone from the rest of the stories. As it’s completely new, once complete it may take a few months with an editor before I am happy to release it.

One extra personal goal: I still have just under 2 million words from the original story cycle to re-edit, but I would really like to get the twinned stories “Boundary Zone” and “Last Battlefield” re-edited and released, since they mark the end of Era 0.

And finally an seperate author blog for posts, details and general science chat not linked directly to the series is being set up, ready to cross post to tumblr, twitter, and others.

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