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Royal Road to Writing

I’m revising the stories: the online ones are going to Royal Road on my new Profile here: Where you can tip, and you can find me on Kofi under Killgrace if you want to suppport by monthly memberships or requiest story updates.

A Return to Writing?

After two years, in which I stopped bothering to put stories out because EU laws (Digital VAT) meant I couldn’t sell them for enough to cover the cost of cover art, there’s a ray of sunshine. At the start of the year they finally passed a VAT threshold, which means I can put a Paypal tip jar on the site… (more…)

Blackberry part II – fixing a stuck trackball

The problem with second hand devices is that they are elderly and sometimes have physical issues resulting from this. The Blackberry has been having a sticky trackball issue, and when this morning it refused to scroll left or down, I did wonder if I would be taking it apart. (And whether I could get my files off – I don’t… (more…)

EUVAT Part 2

There was a flaw in my previous article: I actually understated exactly how much of a cut selling through a third party would take. You see, many of these third parties are US-based, and unless you hold a US tax number, they automatically pay 30% of your earnings to the IRS. So my table from the last page should have… (more…)

EUVAT and why releases are delayed

I have three books ready to come out. I can’t currently release them because of the recent actions of our government, specifically the mess that is called EUVAT – a new set of tax laws created in 2015 with little notification that are hammering small businesses and sole traders. If you’re not familiar with these, for many the VAT system… (more…)

Site Update

You may notice the theme has changed. I finally bit the bullet, since I wasn’t going to add any more stories until Novelist had gone. I’ve still got a few tweaks to make to the stories and ebooks sections, but the site should get a bit of an update with new stories soon. I am cursing, however, that both I’ve… (more…)

Updating look and feel

I will probably be changing the theme for the site fairly soon. This is a disappointment, as Novelist is a very pretty theme and easy to read content on. However it is also a complete nuisance to update, breaks the tumblr connection and ocassionally looses the background. It has added a huge overhead to things like the book pages where… (more…)

Changing a release style

After last year, I have a huge backlog of material written, but not quite ready for release. Once a story is written it has to be edited, have a cover added, be formatted to ebook etc. All of this takes time, and energy that even with RA doing the bulk of the work, I just don’t have anymore. Being in… (more…)

Wear your poppy with pride

Lest we forget

Viewpoints available for pre-order

Viewpoints - a Killgrace Anthology

Viewpoints is now available to pre-order on Amazon. The anthology of four Killgrace stories goes on full release on 6th Sep, priced at 0.99.

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