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Free Short Story on Smashwords

Tears, a short story from Viewpoints is now available free to download or read free. It is being distributed by Smashwords, but no account or signup is necessary – just click and read. “He only saw his grandmother cry five times in his life.” Read “Tears” Free here Alternatively the complete Viewpoints anthology can now be purchased from Amazon at… (more…)

2014 plans and Singular in paperback

It may not be quite in time for christmas, but I have my author copy of Singular Situation in my hands, and it looks very good. US distribution has been arranged, but UK distribution is currently lagging, so this may be the only copy in Britain for a while. In other news next year’s release schedule contains the following: Killgrace… (more…)

NEW RELEASE: Faithless

Killgrace and the Faithless, an Era 0 early mission is now available on Amazon. Why would a species abandon science and shun reason? Why is there such a schism in the culture they have just discovered? And why did Susan have to discover it by being arrested and sentenced to death? Sometimes a scientist’s life can be more interesting than… (more…)

In Depression Now Available

For the two reluctant allies and their budding organisation the next few months are going to be hell. There’s a crisis on the horizon, and even with fore-knowledge the price of survival will be high. It is 3rd September 1929. The Great Depression is about to begin. Available on: Amazon Worldwide For anyone wondering how Cet and Susan managed in… (more…)

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