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Blackberry part II – fixing a stuck trackball

The problem with second hand devices is that they are elderly and sometimes have physical issues resulting from this. The Blackberry has been having a sticky trackball issue, and when this morning it refused to scroll left or down, I did wonder if I would be taking it apart. (And whether I could get my files off – I don’t… (more…)

Blackberry Memopad to PC Word

Without the Blackberry desktop software, I had been told it would be difficult to get the data off. I love a challenge. The problem with the desktop is that there doesn’t seem to be a build for one of my OS’s. Also, when I checked, Memopad files can’t be opened even if you do back it up. They are stored… (more…)

Upgrading to a handheld

Well, today I decided to join the hand-held revolution; or truthfully to rejoin it after the death of my dearly beloved Psion Revo a few years ago. Being a classic early adopter I went for not an iPhone, nor a tablet…but a Blackberry 8900. (I thought they’d had a few years to get the bugs out). BlackBerry Curve 8900 (Black)… (more…)

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