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Killgrace B.A.U.

BAU, a short story, is coming out today in a rather unusual form for the series. It will be released in a daily tweet at 2:30 each day on twitter. You can follow this using the hashtag #kgs1 or follow @Killgrace1 for updates. This is the first twitter story for the series, set firmly in late Era2, when a visitor… (more…)

Killgrace Inverted Planet update

The reworked Killgrace and the Inverted Planet is now available on Amazon. This was due in January, but delayed by health issues. At a total of around 30,000 words, it will now be available free from their Amazon dashboard to anyone who has purchased it. The extra short story Weighty Issue and the absolutely amazing cover by Rashevskaya are still… (more…)

Killgrace In Depression on Sale

Killgrace in Depression, the story of Susan and Cet in the two months before the Wall Street Crash is now on sale at 0.99 until the end of the week (7th – 11th July). The discount is available on and , for Kindle readers. “Fascinating and Fast-paced” – P&R Lock Review

Series hiatus in 2014 now ending

This is in the nature of a more personal post than I usually write, so I will cut to the chase. The Killgrace series has been on unexpected hiatus since January. During these passed months I’ve been in and out of hospital in a sequence of events odd enough to be one of my own stories. Now I have hopefully… (more…)

Killgrace and the Wandering Star – Cover reveal

An early christmas present: the Cover for Killgrace and the Wandering Star. While a Wandering Star was the traditional astronomical name for a planet, in this story it is applied to a much more recently-discovered phenomena. Rogue stars are stars thrown out of position, often – it is theorised – due to the destruction of a binary companion due to… (more…)

New Release and Upcoming News

Inverted Planet is now available on Amazon. The ebook includes the short story “Weighty Issue” as bonus content. Inverted Planet was not one of the original stories, but it was an idea that would not let go, and when the perfect cover image turned up, I could not resist: In a world where the rules of reality are reversed, their… (more…)

Results of the Faithless sale

The Faithless sale will end shortly after 8am today, but the main results are already in. I was surprised that Faithless proved more popular than Singular, but also very pleased. It was most successful in the US, where it reached No.1 on the Hard Science Fiction and First Contact Science Fiction sub-categories, and the Top five on Science Fiction overall.… (more…)

SALE: Faithless and Singular on Discount

For this week, Faithless and Singular Situation are both on discount. Killgrace and the Faithless is available free on Amazon Worldwide. Killgrace and the Singular Situation is reduced to $0.99 (down from $2.99) View on Amazon UK: Widgets

Singular Situation – 8th-10th August Free: Update

The free run is not over, and you can still get the book free on Amazon for today. However, this is an update of the book’s best positions so far: Amazon US: #9 on the Top 10 free Sci-fi ebooks. Amazon UK: #1 on Space Exploration and #2 on First Contact Science fiction categories Amazon DE: Top 2o in High… (more…)

Singular Situation – Free on Amazon 8th-10th August

Singular Situation is getting its second free run on Amazon from 8th-10th August 2013. The ebook can be downloaded for free from Amazon Worldwide. “I really liked the original type of sci-fi adventure going on in the story” Solar winds and steel chains are a difficult way to rescue an animal the size of a planet from the grip… (more…)

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