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Singular Situation Top 100 on Amazon Science Fiction

Killgrace and the Singular Situation has been free to download on Amazon on the 12th and 13th July. For a new release with no reviews, it has had surprising success: a feature on Freebooksy, who handpick their features A position in the top 20 free Science Fiction downloads on Amazon US Top Ten rankings in Space Exploration and First Contact… (more…)

1920’s novels

Three nineteen twenties stories are in editing now. Incorporation – Funding from less legal activities is all very well, but it isn’t exactly a stable base for research.  Given the distasteful fact that they are going to be stranded for some time, Susan and Cet both know they need to establish something more permanent. Now, after fighting invading Yvak, natural… (more…)

10th May 2013 – Update

The transhuman arc from 2000-2004 is ready to be re-released. I’m holding off because I suspect a critical plot item (a.k.a the entire plot) may have been ‘borrowed’ by a soon-to-be released media item… Since the concepts of the Scar in space and the Cull are fairly vital to the rest of the stories, I’m not sure whether I’ll be… (more…)

Surviving Yvak now available

Surviving Yvak is now available in ebook.

Alien Threat New Available

Killgrace and the Alien Threat is now available in .mobi and .epub formats.

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