1920’s novels

Three nineteen twenties stories are in editing now.

Incorporation – Funding from less legal activities is all very well, but it isn’t exactly a stable base for research.  Given the distasteful fact that they are going to be stranded for some time, Susan and Cet both know they need to establish something more permanent. Now, after fighting invading Yvak, natural phenomena, and even each other, Susan and Cet face a greater challenge: going legit in nineteen-twenties New York.

However their past involvement with mobsters, false identities, and possession of several definitely illegal (and anachronistic) technologies is not going to make that easy.  

In Depression – On September 3rd 1929 the Dow Jones reaches its highest level for fifty years. The next two months will bring – the end of the roaring twenties, the end of the post-war boom, and the start of the Great Depression. There’s one person who knows the dates for certain, but forewarned is not necessarily forarmed.

With three hundred employees to consider, and their future plans on the line, Susan’s ethics and intelligence will be pushed to the limit. And it’s not helped by her untrusthworthy ally who has its own plans for the future.

In Desperation – It’s 1933, the banking crisis in the US is worsening, and the political situation has destabilised. Japan has invaded Manchuria, in Germany political dissent is being crushed, and the League of Nations is beginning to falter in the face of trade tariffs and international dissent.

And in Killgrace, decisions need to be taken on exactly how much of a role they are willing to play in historical affairs. With the Second World War approaching more swiftly than anticipated, there is no more time to delay.

Due out in August.

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