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Tuesday Movie – Everything wrong with Gravity…

An interesting video about a film which is generally hard science. I do like the line about the title, (“should be ‘Angular Momentum”) and the rather large physics fail about the movements of bodies in low gravity which unfortunately renders a dramatic moment laughable. I’ve chosen this video because as well as giving a good grounding in space, it shows… (more…)

Tuesday Movie – Size of Objects in Space

After the reaction to the first video I thought I’d make this a regular feature for Mondays. Interesting videos from youtube that I find, usually science-related, and post here for discussion chat or just because they deserve more attention. I picked this one not just because it is funny, but because of the relevance to science fiction. The video provides… (more…)

Tuesday Movie – ISS Space Station

For my first post here, I thought I’d link one of my favourite space videos – earth seen from the International Space Station. The clips include storms, the Aurora Borealis, and the night shots of the earth, and the video’s creator did a wonderful job of editing these together. Migrated Post This post was originally placed on the now defunct… (more…)

Solutal Convention

The video shows solutal convection. This post isn’t related to anything specific (yet) I just think it is an interesting effect. It’s also a great excuse to test tumblr, twitter and my new video template for post format. At some point I may try this with a few types of liquid – milk, reduced fat, double cream etc and film… (more…)

Site updates and tumblr integration underway

The site has been getting a few updates like the changes to the ebooks pages, the new ebook index coming soon, and the complete update to the theme to improve readability as more content goes up. Another change that is happening is the defunct author blog I started before the mess at the start of the year is being integrated… (more…)

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