An anthology of four science fiction short stories set in and around the Killgrace Universe.

  • Iconocide – the problem with calling yourself a god is that there’s always a bigger fish.
  • Tears – Five times a man saw his grandmother cry.
  • Lake – The daily or nightly duties of a Killgrace employee (and the company’s recruitment criteria) might differ somewhat from the normal.
  • Inconvenienced – Sometimes there are hazards to working for a company with an inter-dimensional arm, but Killgrace does try very hard to make sure that such unexpected travel is only a temporary inconvenience for its employees.

These stories are not set for the point of view of the main cast, but from that of the people caught up in the events around them.

Stories by C.Price
Cover by James at GoOnWrite
Formatting and Editing by Ragged Angel Ltd.

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