Viewpoints available for pre-order

Viewpoints - a Killgrace Anthology

Viewpoints is now available to pre-order on Amazon. The anthology of four Killgrace stories goes on sale on 6th Sep, priced at 0.99. With a cover by James at GoOnWrite, it looks very different from the main series, and it’s not just the cover that takes a different approach.

Unlike the usual Killgrace stories, these are not written from the point of view of the main characters, Susan and Cet, but from the viewpoint of those who were caught up in the events around them. These are entirely new stories, not just old ones re-written from a different view:

  • •    Iconocide
  • •    Lake
  • •    Tears
  • •    Inconvenienced

So to pre-order your copy ready for the 6th, please click below.

Buy from Amazon stores worldwide

Cover Reveal: Viewpoints, a Killgrace anthology

Viewpoints - a Killgrace Anthology

Viewpoints is a new release in the Killgrace series. A departure from the current format, Viewpoints is the first anthology to be released. It contains short stories set in and around the Killgrace Industries missions, written not from the main Killgrace characters’ point of view but from that of people who have interacted with them.

Available initially in ebook through Amazon on 6th September 2014 (preorders will be available), it will be going onto wider distribution over the following week.

Cover Design by James,

Killgrace B.A.U.

BAU, a short story, is coming out today in a rather unusual form for the series. It will be released in a daily tweet at 2:30 each day on twitter. You can follow this using the hashtag #kgs1 or follow @Killgrace1 for updates.

This is the first twitter story for the series, set firmly in late Era2, when a visitor stumbles into the Killgrace offices demanding to see Susan with a normally unbelievable story. But then, this is Killgrace Industries, and the unbelievable is business as usual…

Killgrace Inverted Planet update

The reworked Killgrace and the Inverted Planet is now available on Amazon. This was due in January, but delayed by health issues.

At a total of around 30,000 words, it will now be available free from their Amazon dashboard to anyone who has purchased it. The extra short story Weighty Issue and the absolutely amazing cover by Rashevskaya are still as they were.

You can find Inverted Planet on Amazon: Buy from Amazon stores worldwide

Killgrace series expands its boundaries

OmniLit banner

It was confirmed yesterday that the Killgrace series will be expanding to platforms other than Amazon. Today the first two books, Singular and In Depression were reformatted for epub, assigned ISBNs, and added to OmniLit.

Over the next few days, more of the ebooks will be added. The full set will soon will be available through Kobo and other distribution channels in epub.

It is also possible, from what I have heard, that the range may be coming to print this summer.

OmniLit banner

Tuesday Movie – Everything wrong with Gravity…

An interesting video about a film which is generally hard science. I do like the line about the title, (“should be ‘Angular Momentum”) and the rather large physics fail about the movements of bodies in low gravity which unfortunately renders a dramatic moment laughable.

I’ve chosen this video because as well as giving a good grounding in space, it shows that even the best people who can afford the best consultants fall down in places. This is also why most filmmakers prefer the rayguns and science-as-magic approach: until we can shoot movies in space, it is simpler and cheaper.

You can get the DVD from I haven’t read the novelisation so I don’t know if the errors are better explained in there.

Killgrace In Depression on Sale


Killgrace in Depression, the story of Susan and Cet in the two months before the Wall Street Crash is now on sale at 0.99 until the end of the week (7th – 11th July).

The discount is available on and
, for Kindle readers.

“Fascinating and Fast-paced” – P&R Lock Review

Tuesday Movie – Size of Objects in Space

After the reaction to the first video I thought I’d make this a regular feature for Mondays. Interesting videos from youtube that I find, usually science-related, and post here for discussion chat or just because they deserve more attention.

I picked this one not just because it is funny, but because of the relevance to science fiction. The video provides a sense of scale to the galaxy and the universe, something lacking from a lot of modern science fiction which blithely assumes that their characters will become famous across the entire universe. Even with FTL this is unlikely. The Universe is bigger than most think.

To put this in perspective, Cet has lived 250,000 years. If he had visited a different star system every day for that period, he would not even have visited all the star systems in our arm of the Milky Way galaxy.

In his current lifespan, he could visit 91 million systems. The Orion–Cygnus Arm where our solar system is located, itself probably a spur from a larger arm, is believed to contain ten billion stars. The Milky Way itself contains two hundred billion. 

If he had visited one system in a different galaxy every day, that is 91 million galaxies – where word is unlikely to spread across the entire galaxy – out of the estimated hundreds of billions. He probably would not even have visited all the ones we have seen as even the first Hubble deep field photograph returned 3,000 galaxies and it has taken many more since.

So no, as the video so rightly says, we are not the center of the universe.

Migrated Post: This post was on the now defunct author blog on 23rd December 2013. It’s still true.

Tuesday Movie – ISS Space Station

For my first post here, I thought I’d link one of my favourite space videos – earth seen from the International Space Station. The clips include storms, the Aurora Borealis, and the night shots of the earth, and the video’s creator did a wonderful job of editing these together.

Migrated Post This post was originally placed on the now defunct author blog on 15th December 2014.

It’s still a good video. I’m moving the movie feature to Tuesdays instead of Fridays now, and the ground it gives people more time to view them during the week, instead of being out at weekends.

Teddy Bear short available

Teddy Bear, a short piece set in Era 0 is now available. While only a couple of thousand words it contains some information that definitely influences the course of future events – and a nasty surprise the Yvak species possess for an attacker that doesn’t make Susan’s life easy.

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