Singular Situation – 8th-10th August Free: Update

Killgrace and the Singular Situation

The free run is not over, and you can still get the book free on Amazon for today.

However, this is an update of the book’s best positions so far:

  • Amazon US: #9 on the Top 10 free Sci-fi ebooks.
  • Amazon UK: #1 on Space Exploration and #2 on First Contact Science fiction categories
  • Amazon DE: Top 2o in High Tech and Space Opera categories.
  • Amazon Japan: #10 on the Top Ten Science Fiction titles.

At the publishers, we are all still too stunned to be delighted. It has been far more popular than expected for hard sci-fi.

If you have not got a copy, you can still get one free until the end of 10th August.

Solar winds and steel chains are a difficult way to rescue an animal the size of a planet from the grip of a black hole. When the creatures in difficulty are something neither Susan or Cet have seen before staying uninvolved is not an option.

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Singular Situation – Free on Amazon 8th-10th August

Killgrace and the Singular Situation

Singular Situation is getting its second free run on Amazon from 8th-10th August 2013. The ebook can be downloaded for free from Amazon Worldwide.

“I really liked the original type of sci-fi adventure going on in the story”

Solar winds and steel chains are a difficult way to rescue an animal the size of a planet from the grip of a black hole. When the creatures in difficulty are something neither Susan or Cet have seen before staying uninvolved is not an option.

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In Depression Now Available

Killgrace In Depression

For the two reluctant allies and their budding organisation the next few months are going to be hell. There’s a crisis on the horizon, and even with fore-knowledge the price of survival will be high.

It is 3rd September 1929. The Great Depression is about to begin.

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For anyone wondering how Cet and Susan managed in the early years, In Depression (The Wall Street Crash) answers the question. Its a homeworld-based story, not a mission and as historically accurate as it could be made.


The main inspiration for the series is almost a century old. The old 1920s pulp science fiction series, the ones that were written before the Golden Age. There were whole series of pulp stories about exploration and science…

  • Tumithak of the corridors – a barbarian rediscovering science in the wake of an alien invasion of earth.
  • Professor Jamison and the Zoromes – exploring a universe where mankind had long since passed on.
  • Flash Gordon
  • Buck Rogers

and then later, the greats appeared. I had a collection of Amazing Stories, then later the little digest magazines.

  • A.E.Van Vogt’s Rull stories
  • Ray Bradbury’s Martian Chronicles…

…there were hundreds of them. And with a family that thrived on classic science fiction, I loved these books and I grew up on them.  And then found that no one was writing them anymore, because there was “no market”.

Likewise on television there used to be hundreds of these: Time Tunnel, Star Trek, Voyagers, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea my mandatory weekend viewing and more. As late as the nineties we had Babylon 5, Star Trek DS9… Now we have one, Doctor Who, and along the way that exchanged the science for soap opera.

Since what I like to read is apparently not being written anymore, and what is coming out focuses on character not science fiction I threw together Killgrace: an advanced humanoid and an alien from a warring world stuck on earth in a low tech era, trying to get home.

The concept for the long journey home was inspired by Nicholas Monserrat’s Master Mariner series, with the cursed Matthew Lawe living through four hundred years of naval history, aging only five for every century:

   “To sail the Wild Waters, ’til all the seas run dry”

The supporting cast in the main series do age and die over its hundred year span, which will cause more problems for Susan than Cet. Unlike Matthew Lawe however they are unlikely to be caught in any world event they can avoid, just to stop themselves accidentally popping the soap bubble reality they are currently in.

So there is throughout the element of the Flying Dutchman, the scientists’ inability to settle in one place,  and the fact that they don’t age. Not only can they not return to their actual home, but the ports themselves change over time, and even if they return to one it will be very different.

A new world every time.

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Singular Situation Top 100 on Amazon Science Fiction

Killgrace and the Singular Situation

Killgrace and the Singular Situation has been free to download on Amazon on the 12th and 13th July.

For a new release with no reviews, it has had surprising success:

  • a feature on Freebooksy, who handpick their features
  • A position in the top 20 free Science Fiction downloads on Amazon US
  • Top Ten rankings in Space Exploration and First Contact on Amazon UK

It has already exceeded all our expectations (wildest dreams might be more accurate!) and the ebook is still free until tomorrow morning.

Get your copy here: Amazon Worldwide

1920’s novels

Three nineteen twenties stories are in editing now.

Incorporation – Funding from less legal activities is all very well, but it isn’t exactly a stable base for research.  Given the distasteful fact that they are going to be stranded for some time, Susan and Cet both know they need to establish something more permanent. Now, after fighting invading Yvak, natural phenomena, and even each other, Susan and Cet face a greater challenge: going legit in nineteen-twenties New York.

However their past involvement with mobsters, false identities, and possession of several definitely illegal (and anachronistic) technologies is not going to make that easy.  

In Depression – On September 3rd 1929 the Dow Jones reaches its highest level for fifty years. The next two months will bring – the end of the roaring twenties, the end of the post-war boom, and the start of the Great Depression. There’s one person who knows the dates for certain, but forewarned is not necessarily forarmed.

With three hundred employees to consider, and their future plans on the line, Susan’s ethics and intelligence will be pushed to the limit. And it’s not helped by her untrusthworthy ally who has its own plans for the future.

In Desperation – It’s 1933, the banking crisis in the US is worsening, and the political situation has destabilised. Japan has invaded Manchuria, in Germany political dissent is being crushed, and the League of Nations is beginning to falter in the face of trade tariffs and international dissent.

And in Killgrace, decisions need to be taken on exactly how much of a role they are willing to play in historical affairs. With the Second World War approaching more swiftly than anticipated, there is no more time to delay.

Due out in August.

10th May 2013 – Update

The transhuman arc from 2000-2004 is ready to be re-released. I’m holding off because I suspect a critical plot item (a.k.a the entire plot) may have been ‘borrowed’ by a soon-to-be released media item… Since the concepts of the Scar in space and the Cull are fairly vital to the rest of the stories, I’m not sure whether I’ll be releasing them or rewriting the entire lot.

If this is the case, Robert and Charlie’s origin may be tweaked.

In Depression is in editing. In Desperation, the 1933 follow-up, is being written.

Meanwhile the story index is getting updated with extracts of each story.

Surviving Yvak now available

Surviving Yvak is now available in ebook.

Alien Threat New Available

Killgrace and the Alien Threat is now available in .mobi and .epub formats.

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